Organic Toboggan Beanie Hat

Organic Toboggan Beanie Hat
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Organic Toboggan Beanie Hat
Take the chill out of winter with a bamboo beanie hat!

This Organic Bamboo Beanie Hat is super soft and keeps your head warmly protected! A blend of 95% Viscose from Organic Bamboo and 5% Lycra for a little bit of stretch, it's sized at 9 x 10.25 to give plenty of room and a roll-up bottom. Machine wash cold and tumble dry. Organic viscose from bamboo clothing is free of chlorine and formaldehyde. Made in the U.S.A.

Made From: 95% Viscose from Organic Bamboo and 5% Lycra.

Size: Bamboo Beanie Hat is 9 x 10.25 inches.