Bamboo Leaf Incense Burner

 Bamboo Leaf Incense Burner
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Display this beautiful Yume-No-Yume (Dream of Dreams) bamboo-leaf motif incense burner�a delicate white ceramic plate with a small hole to hold the incense stick�in any room in your home, and your journey into �Koh-Do,� Japanese for �incense appreciation,� has begun. Light exotic Bamboo Leaf or Green Tea incense by Nippon Kodo Co., a Japanese company who has been making incense since 1575, and let the fragrances awaken your senses! Made in Japan.

As the Buddhist monks did in Japan in the sixth century, burn incense to drive away demons, make the Gods happy, purify the air, or simply to add the delicate scents to any room! These mystical aromas�swirling in light wisps of smoke�will bring peace of mind, quiet reflection, tranquility, and spiritual awareness to any heart and home.

Plate Size: 3 1/16" W x 5 1/8" H x 1/2" D.

Welcome family and friends to your humble abode with this ancient aromatherapy!