Bamboo Lunch Bag

Bamboo Lunch Bag
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This New Wave Enviro Bamboo Lunch Bag is an environmentally-Friendly made from 100% Viscose from Bamboo Bamboo Lunch Bag. It's the BEST reusable lunch bag! The Bamboo Lunch Bag is light as a feather, strong as steel, and soft as silk. The Lunch Bag is also naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Everyday thousands of pounds of plastic end up as litter in our landfills. Much of this litter comes from one time use bottles and plastic bags. The New Wave Enviro 100% Bamboo Lunch Bag is a great addition to any family trying to find ways to live green and do so affordably. Maximum environmental grades but sharp enough and tough enough to please young persons. Yet still soft, smooth, and totally green enough to delight grown persons.

Product of China. Measurements 7.5" wide, 11" tall, and .75" deep, folded down in the box. Weight is about 5 oz.

About Bamboo

Fastest growing plant on earth. A 60 foot cut takes 59 days to regrow. Regenerates without replanting. Reduces carbon dioxide. Restores degraded land. Grows without chemicals and pesticides. Has a tensile strength comparable to steel.