Bamboo To Go Utensils- Red

Bamboo To Go Utensils- Red
Item# TGO170

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Bamboo To Go Utensils- Red
On-the-go, guilt free!

This natural To Go Bamboo Utensil Set from To-Go Ware is a toolkit to help reduce your ecological footprint and keep you connected to the world! Wrapped in beautiful 100% cotton embroidered holders (see Culture Note), these on-the-go bamboo utensils are hand-finished with a top-grade natural, food-safe wood oil. Heat and stain resistant, they are long lasting, safe to use on non-stick surfaces, and stick a set in your pocket!

Throwaway plastic cutlery are made of petrochemicals that create dioxins and other toxic chemicals harmful to the environment, so enjoy eating with these organic bamboo utensils made of highly durable bamboo, sustainably grown and harvested! Keep a set of these awesome bamboo utensils in your backpack or your car, and have an impromptu picnic!

To Go Bamboo Utensil Set includes: Fork, Spoon, Knife, and Chopsticks, Red Cotton Embroidered case.

Size: 10.5 inches long.

Culture Note: The 100% cotton embroidered holder has been produced by WEAVE, a Fair Trade women's co-operative on the Thai-Burma border, so in purchasing this utensil set you help contribute to their advancement and make a positive impact on the global community. The utensils are Responsibly Handcrafted in China.