Bamboo Friends, Organizations, and Sites

Bamboo Friends, Organizations, and Sites
Discover the green world of bamboo organizations, bamboo gardens, bamboo nurseries, bamboo varieties, bamboo DIY, bambooo arts and crafts, bamboo feng shui, bamboo pictures, bamboo clothes, and all kinds of bamboo products... We love and appreciate our bamboo friends!

Bamboo Information and Organizations

American Bamboo Society The ABS was formed in 1979 and today has more than 1,400 members living throughout the U.S. and in 37 other countries. The ABS issues a bimonthly Magazine and the Journal to disseminate information about the use, care, propagation and beauty of bamboo.

International Network for Bamboo and Rattan INBAR is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to improving the social, economic, and environmental benefits of bamboo and rattan. INBAR connects a global network of partners from the government, private, and not-for-profit sectors in over 50 countries to define and implement a global agenda for sustainable development through bamboo and rattan.

Environmental Bamboo Foundation An Indonesian non-profit organization founded by Linda Garland to protect tropical forests by promoting and demonstrating the many uses of bamboo.

Bambooya! Blog Bambooya's own blog about all things bamboo and social entrepreneurs with great ideas and big hearts!

Bamboo Society of Australia

Bamboo Bits and Pieces Blog A great blog about growing and landscaping with bamboo...lots of wonderful tips for bamboo beginners especially, so check it out!

Panchoran Retreat Visit well-known bamboo designer, Linda Garland's peaceful and secluded estate in Ubud, Bali, and soak in traditional Balinese culture.

Sustainable Advertising Living in Bali, the luxury hand-made, jewelry designer, John Hardy, offsets the greenhouse gas emissions associated with his print advertising campaigns by planting bamboo in deforested areas. Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo!

Bamboo: Remarkable Giant Grasses Everything and anything you'd want to know about bamboo from Wayne's Word, an online textbook of natural history!

Bamboo Living A cool site where you can indulge in fantasies about bamboo tiki huts and tree houses, and learn a wealth of information about bamboo!

Bamboo Web Info Born from a love of bamboo, this site offers a wealth of information, loads of pictures, a species source list, and a forum for bamboo lovers.

Bamboo Arts and Crafts Network A network for all things bamboo, you'll discover bamboo forums, resources, and bamboo flora, arts and crafts, and workshop galleries!

Bamboo Central Linking the world through bamboo!

Japan Society

Bamboo Building Supplies, Nurseries, Fences, and Gardens

JM Bamboo JmBamboo is a wonderful and extensive mail order, retail/wholesale bamboo nursery out of Alabamba! Check it out!

Lewis Bamboo Extensive Bamboo nursery in Alabama providing cold hardy bamboo plants. "If you can dig a hole, you can grow bamboo!"

Bamboo Builders

Bamboo and Rattan Works A premiere supplier of harvested bamboo and rattan in the continental U.S.A.

Bamboo Garden A retail and wholesale bamboo nursery specializing in rare and common bamboos, and currently growing more than 300 different varieties.

Bamboo Guy Bitten by the "bamboo bug", the Bamboo Guy Nursery sells an array of bamboo and bamboo-related products.

Bamboo Shoot Gardens Check out this U.S. company that produces tissue cultures of bamboo...meaning test tube bamboo!

Jade Mountain Bamboo Specializing in growing, caring for, working with, and appreciating bamboo in all its' glory! A wealth of bamboo information!

Boo Nut A company dedicated to the beauty, proper identification, and better understanding of bamboo.

Bamboo Fencer Bamboo fences, poles, shades, blinds, wall coverings, and custom bamboo bamboo, "Think Bamboo"!

Awesome Bamboo Products

Bamboosa Eco-conscious and socially responsible, Bamboosa makes ultra-soft bamboo apparel and baby clothes—sweatshop free and made in the USA—what more could you ask for!

Taraluna A great place to find sustainable, fair-trade, organic, and socially conscious products and gifts.

The Bamboo Fabric Store Find all kinds of bamboo fabrics, bamboo pillow stuffing and batting, and links to other great bamboo products!

Bamboo Ladies The Bamboo Ladies have created zesty bamboo pickles! This traditional family recipe from the ladies of Wilkes County, North Carolina, is a marriage of Southern spices and Asian culture! All-natural ingredients and the love of bamboo create these unique bamboo pickles! The bamboo is hand-harvested righ here in the good 'ole U.S.A.!

Bamboo Gardens and Music

Bamboo Branch Bamboo artist and bamboo lover Carole Meckes makes handcrafted beads, necklaces, and all kinds of bamboo crafts! She does custom projects with bamboo poles, as well!

Bamboo Surboards Made to order bamboo surfboards, paddles, and other cool bamboo stuff.

Sector 9 Beautifully designed skateboards made of durable bamboo. (View the Bamboo Series).

Calfee Design Craig Calfee and his talented team build quality carbon fiber and eco-friendly bamboo frame bikes! Calfee is also working on the Bamboo Bike Project, along with scientists of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, to build affordable, bamboo cargo bicycles in Africa.

Green Boat Stuff A family run business offering environmentally-friendly, biodegradable boating supplies...including bamboo of course...for cleaner and greener waterways!

Eco Framing Custom picture framing studio dedicated to "green" best practices, featuring sustainable woods and 100% Bamboo moulding.

Teori A Japanese bamboo design company with a collection of beautiful bamboo housewares and furniture.

Craft and Art of Bamboo Environmental artist Carol Stangler, creates, writes, and teaches all things bamboo! Her work will inspire you to create something amazing out of bamboo! Check out this classic, beautiful book being updated in January 2009!

Kayu KAYU, Handcrafted by artisans, these sunglasses feature over sized lenses framed elegantly with bamboo. KAYU collaborates with Unite for Sight, Inc. ( in promoting the elimination of preventable blindness by contributing $50 for each pair of glasses we sell. For every pair of glasses purchased, KAYU sponsors one sight-restoring surgery in the developing world.

Friend's Sites We Like (Not bamboo related, but still worth checkin' out!)

Brooklyn General High quality yarns, fabrics, knitting needles, and notions for your next handcrafted project.

Gunnar Peterson The "Core Secret" is that he's simply the best Personal Trainer (CSCS, CPT) around!

Tweet What you Eat Set up your own Twitter Food Diary and track calories and what you eat through the phone, IM or the Web. Sweet!

The Funded The entrepreneur's ultimate resource for finding well-vetted funding for the next great idea.

Brick City Urban Farms An awesome organization that converts abandoned, undersized, or unwanted lots of land in Newark, NJ into a series of organized gardens. They are addressing the nutritional, environmental and food security issues that currently plague urban dwellers, by combining a highly effective and profitable farming system with innovative container technology. They are creating a unique model that can be adapted by urban farmers world-wide!

Bishop Farm A Salter family owned and run B&B (restored charming 1800s farmhouse) in the White Mountain Region of New Hampshire..."Your home...Away from home!"

Ardee Design Group Providing expert lighting design and consultation since 1986. Bring "Akari", Japanese for "illumination", to your next event!

Maritime Museum of San Diego The museum has one of the world's finest collections of historic ships, and their Journal of Pacific Maritime History, "Mains'l Haul" covers fascinating topics devoted to the Pacific's maritime heritage!

The Talaveria Created in the finest fabricas in Deloris Hidalgo, Mexico, discover beautifully handcrafted Mexican Talavera (handmade enameled earthenware) sinks, dishes, and more!

Poole's Paradise Hill Farm Check out this fun farm "Where the donkey's think it's heaven", and watch how mommy and baby donkeys interact on the awesome "barn cam"! Who says donkeys and bamboo don't mix?!