Bamboo Salt

Bamboo Salt
Bamboo Salt is a type of salt made through a unique, ancient method that has been commonly used for medicinal, skin-care and general health purposes in Korea for more than 1000 years. The salt has been commonly used as an essential home-based medicine in Korea for many generations.

The method in which the Bamboo Salt is created is by packing natural sea salt into bamboo shoots that have matured for at least three years. Next, the bamboo is sealed with a special mineral mud from a specific region of the Korean countryside. After sealed, the salt filled bamboo is roasted repeatedly at temperatures of 1,300 -1,500 degree Celsius (2372-2732 degree Fahrenheit.) on average of nine times, the salt being replaced with a new bamboo casing at each roasting.

Bamboo Salt acts upon purifying the blood, and improve the regeneration process in the human body, in turn helping the discharge process of virulent human-body waste.

Bamboo Salt has recently been recognized again for its health care advantages, and it has become the center of the attention in the drug industry and other related industries.

Bamboo Salt can be used to flavor everyday meals to supplement a healthy life style.

Bamboo salt is made of sea salt roasted in the bamboo. On top of that, yellow clay is used to cover the opening after the salt is filled in. . The process of making bamboo salt by heating the combination of the 3 elements in 1000 to 1500 degree of Celsius, making the bamboo salt carry the benefit of all three. The poisonous mineral in the salt will be eliminated in this process.

In the practice of traditional medicine in the Oriental, bamboo, salt and yellow clay are known to be effective to certain illness. Our ancestors learn all this good knowledge through experience, even though they do not know how to conduct research like modern medicine.

Parched salt has been used to help in digestive disorder. It also can help to neutralize certain poison in the body, reduce the effect of vomit, diarrhea and others.

Bamboo is known to be effective for palsy, diabetes, various kinds of tumors, fever, parasite, vomiting, insomnia, fatigue, pain in an eyeball, brain trouble and many others symptom.

Yellow clay indirectly adding more mineral to the bamboo salt compound, this make the bamboo salt has more balance in mineral.

Modern process has produced salt in a more purified form of Sodium Chloride. This is one reason why people are facing more health problem. A more mineral balanced bamboo salt would be a good substitute that has been long practiced by our ancestors.

Bamboo salt has been gaining more popularity in improving our health.

Korean has long history of oriental medical science and developed many kinds of excellent traditional medical treatments.

Traditionally in Korea, bamboo was used as an important medicine material.

It has many different medical efficacy varies from its stub, roots, and leaves.

About 1000 years ago, some Korean medicine doctors and monks started to make medical salts by inserting salt in a thick bamboo stub and baking them together with pine tree firewood. The ancient bamboo salt was baked only twice or trice. They used the salt as special medicine treatments.

Finally they find out that bamboo salt could have its complete medical efficacy if it is baked over 9 times repeatedly. And they also noticed that if bamboo salt is completely melted, the toxic characteristic disappears.

Now bamboo salt is well known as one of the most famous traditional medical treatments. Also many pharmaceutical scientists all around the world are researching bamboo salt's special therapeutics like anti-cancer effect and anti-virus effect.

How to use Bamboo Salt

To Cure Bamboo salt has been added as an ingredient to make face cream as it is very good for skin; and also to make toothpaste because it will help to heal certain tooth diseases very quickly. It stops bleeding gums with just a few uses. You may just directly replace toothpaste with bamboo salt and apply it to toothbrush, that can bring better effects.

Putting feet in the bamboo salt dissolved water recovers weariness

Cosmetics Bamboo salt has mysterious beauty-skin effect, taking a bath or washing up with bamboo salt dissolved water; you will be surprised by the skin-softening effect of bamboo salt.

You may also wet your skin, and then apply bamboo salt onto your body. Slowly massage or rub the salt on your skin gently, it will give you extra cleaning effect. Applying the salt at your tummy may help you burn extra fat. Bamboo salt can help to increase your metabolism rate in the process.

Acne is caused by bacteria on your face; using bamboo salt water to wash your face can effectively kill the bacteria. Remember to avoid water getting into your eyes, as you may feel the pain like you swim in the sea and let sea water get into your eyes.

Add to Food Use it to replace your table salt for cooking your dish.

Recently the excessive intake of salt causes fatness and other serious health problems. Thus proper diet including salt ingestion is very important to keep healthy.

Bamboo salt on the other hand do not cause these adult-diseases. This salt contains various kind of minerals that is beneficial to our body. Ingesting bamboo salt instead of table salt can be excellent choice for your health.

Cleaning power Use bamboo salt to wash your hair. Firstly wet your hair with water, then pour some bamboo salt onto your hand, slowly apply onto your hair. Massage gently so that the salt can clean the scalp thoroughly. After few minutes, rinse your hair with water. You will find extra clean hair wash. Healthy organic bamboo salt contains more than 70 essential minerals and micro nutrients. High calcium, magnesium and zinc. High sulfur from bamboo tree trunk, may helps purifying blood thus lowering the risk of blood pressure.

Antibacterial activity Research on anti-inflammatory activity of bamboo salt suggest that bamboo salt importantly contributes to the prevention or treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Bamboo Salt was used for Skin Care medicinal and health purposes . Its also said to be used as an antidote for poison in the human body. It Eliminates waste matters from the system and strengthens asthma. Also linked to helping you out with Hemorrhoids ,vomiting, diarrhea beriberi bloody, excrement's pain and various kinds of tumors. Purple Bamboo Salt Is used in the Prevention and treatment of various diseases in Korea. Also used as an Anti inflammatory.

The Recipe originated at a Buddhist temple and was closely guarded as the secret of immortality.It it is Sun Dried on the west coast of Korea. Put in Bamboo sealed with yellow ocher and pine resin and heated to 850-1500 degrees c in a clay furnace.The salt is then grinded. And the whole process is done again this can be done up to 9 times. At this stage all noxious materials like heavy metals in salt are removed and good properties of bamboo are absorbed.