Cool Bamboo Articles

Cool Bamboo Articles
Check out these links and enjoy learning about bamboo as an eco-friendly grass and all it's many uses!

Co-OpAmerica Interview with Jeff Delkin of Bambu

Green Clothes: How Green Is My Bamboo T-Shirt Discover the process that goes into making bamboo fiber and decide for yourself whether it's an eco-friendly textile. By Siel.

The Wonders of Bamboo See how this plant-based fiber makes luxurious, eco-friendly clothes, sheets, and other products. By Marisa Belger.

How Green Are Bamboo Clothes? Learn in-depth the process of making bamboo fiber clothing. By Mary Logan Barmeyer.

Bamboo Lots of great information on bamboo on the Wikipedia site.

Fabrik Bamboo ReDrive Check out the cool new eco-friendly external storage drive dubbed the [re]drive, made from bamboo and aluminum, by storage company Fabrik.

Bamboo Houses Stand up to Earthquakes An interesting article about how bamboo, known in many parts of Asia as "the poor people's timber", makes a light and flexible building material that stands up well to earthquakes. From Treehugger.

Envirosax Grows its sustainable collection Read about Australia based Envirosax has added bamboo to its lineup of eco-friendly totes! From Treehugger.

Green Housing Meet Maxwell Marshall, recently elected as an Ashoka Fellow, and learn about his Green Housing project, which will use bamboo and latrite (red sticky clay) as an environmental and economical alternative for building homes for low income families in Nigeria.

Cracking the Genetic Code of Bamboo Interesting article about the discovery of cloning bamboo in a test tube, and how it can be used to help the fight of global warming.

Bamboo And Soy Improve Surfing Take a look at the new wave in surfboard construction, using materials such as bamboo decks and fins, linseed oil resins and UV curing. By Kristin Underwood, from Treehugger.

Eco Knitting for the Adventurous Shannon Okey, author of more than 10 knitting books, has authored a new book called "Alt Fiber: 25 Projects For Knitting Green With Bamboo, Soy, Hemp and More." Bamboo Coat Hanger Check out the eco-friendly coach hanger made out of bamboo, by designer Jinhong Lin. It's perfect for those into the eco-chic movement! From Treehugger.

Bringing Bamboo to You-Plyboo Awesome bamboo flooring from Smith & Fong, called Plyboo, an eco-alternative to traditional wood flooring. From Treehugger.

Bamboo Bird's Nest Chinese farmers in the southeast of China build a replica of the The Beijing National Stadium, nicknamed, The Bird's Nest, out of bamboo! From Gizmodo.

Bamboo Gets a Boost Trendy new Japanese bodycare products made from bamboo, and bamboo charcoal. Love it!