Green America

Green America
We at Bambooya are honored and excited to have been recently approved as a member of Green America's Green Business Network!

What is Green America (formerly Co OpAmerica)?

Green America’s mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, businesses and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. They provide the economic strategies, resources and organizing power to make lasting, systemic change on a range of critical issues faced today, including renewable energy, fair trade, sweatshops and forest protection.

Green America currently has 100,000 individual members who seek to green their purchasing and investing through the resources provided by Green America. Through their Web sites, publications and national campaigns, they mobilize them to:

* Shift their purchases to companies working on becoming more socially and environmentally responsible.

* Rethink their consumption practices.

* Use their power as consumers, investors and businesses to demand change—and make those changes in their own homes and businesses.

* Invest in more responsible companies.

Join today and make a "green" difference!

What is Green America’s Green Business Network™?

The Green Business Network™ is the green business program of Green America, the nation's leading non-profit educator on socially and environmentally responsible consumption and investing. It is the oldest, largest, and most diverse network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in America.

Formally established in 1992, the Green Business Network™ was launched with the explicit mission of helping the green business sector — businesses with deep social and environmental commitments — emerge and succeed. The Green Business Network currently comprises 4,000 members.

They work by identifying small- to medium-sized green businesses and providing the tools and information needed to help companies emerge and succeed in today's intensively competitive marketplace.

The Green Business Network™ has developed and fostered a major national market for products and services through events such as the Green Festivals and publications such as the National Green Pages™. In addition, Green America's consumer education programs and publications reach over 25 million values-driven consumers each year, encouraging them to shift their spending to support socially and environmentally responsible enterprises.

A major benefit of the Green Business Network™ and all of its members is being a part of the largest network of consumers and investors dedicated to growing the green economy.

Who are the Green Business Network's members?

Green Business Network™ members include 3,500 of today's most vibrant and influential socially and environmentally responsible businesses.

Here are a few:

* Clif Bar * Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps * Eco-Bags Products, Inc. * Eden Foods * Gaiam * Green Mountain Coffee Roasters * Greyston Bakery * Honest Tea * Organic Valley Family of Farms * Patagonia * Seventh Generation * White Dog Café * Wildwood Natural Foods * Working Assets

We're obviously in good company and will do as much as we can to live up the their standards of green excellence!