KA Bamboo Marking and Seaming Pins

KA Bamboo Marking  and Seaming Pins
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KA Bamboo Marking  and Seaming Pins
Get crafty with bamboo!

Made by KA, the oldest manufacturer of bamboo knitting needles in Japan (founded in 1916), these Set-of-10 bamboo marking pins and bamboo seaming pins are created from the finest, aged Japanese bamboo. These bamboo pins are ideal for knitters when pinning knitted pieces together to sew up and the large heads will not get lost in the knitting...and they're also great for counting stitches! Lightweight and with a silky, satin finish that becomes smoother over time, they feel natural and warm in your hands while creating all your knitting projects!

Bamboo (really a grass) is fast-growing, sustainable and renewable, but eco-friendly aside, it makes handy (and pretty!) marking pins...and once you see our Rowan Bamboo Tape yarn in beautiful, soft colors, you’ll want to start making something hand-crafted and fun right away!

Included: Set of 10 bamboo marking and seaming pins.

Size: 2.5 Inches long; Color: Natural. Made in Japan.

Culture Note: KA (Kinki Amibari Mfg. Co.) was founded in 1916 in the city of Nara, the capital of Japan 1300 years ago. Situated in the Kinki Region of Japan—known for its premium bamboo—KA first began manufacturing bamboo ribs to stretch and dry Japanese Kimono, and soon began making high-quality bamboo knitting needles and accessories.