Bambooya Kiva Lending Team

Bambooya Kiva Lending Team
We at Bambooya are inspired by the human spirit, and the goodwill and courage of ordinary people and everyday entrepreneurs who get up each day, work hard, and try to make the world a better place for their families, community, and fellow men and women!

To help alleviate poverty and to support entrepreneurs throughout the developing world, Bambooya, through our Bambooya Kiva Lending Team, will give a portion of its sales in the form of micro-loans to Kiva, the world's first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to entrepreneurs in the developing world, and now in the United States!, so they may start or expand a small business.

Kiva - loans that change lives

Please visit Bambooya Kiva Lending Team to learn about the entrepreneurs Bambooya is helping to support or visit Kiva if you'd also like to "make loans that change lives"!

Below are the different faces of the people and entrepreneurs Kiva helps everyday!

Let your "bamboo conscience" be your guide!