To-Go Ware RePEaT Bamboo Utensil Family Pack-Set of 5

To-Go Ware RePEaT Bamboo Utensil Family Pack-Set of 5
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To-Go Ware RePEaT Bamboo Utensil Family Pack-Set of 5
On-the-go, bamboo utensils guilt free!

Great for kids and folks on the go, these Bamboo To-Go Ware RePEaT Bamboo Utensils are a toolkit to help reduce your ecological footprint! Lightweight, durable, and long lasting, this bamboo fork, spoon, knife, and chopsticks set is hand finished with top grade natural, vegan, food-safe wood oil.

With a color-fast, water-resistant holder made from RPET (recycled plastic bottles), RePEaT utensil holders for your to go bamboo utensil set gives plastic bottles a second shot at a useful life, and an opportunity to stay out of our landfills! And with a handy carabiner on the back, you can just clip and carry anywhere you go! Heat and stain-resistant, and safe to use on non-stick surfaces, so stick a set in your pocket or your backpack and get on the move!

Throwaway plastic cutlery are made of petrochemicals that create dioxins and other toxic chemicals harmful to the environment, so enjoy eating with these organic bamboo utensils made of highly durable bamboo, sustainably grown and harvested! Keep a set of these awesome bamboo utensils in your backpack or your car, and have an impromptu picnic!

Size: RePEaT To Go Bamboo Utensil Set is 8 1/2" high and 1 5/8" wide.

To Go Bamboo Utensil Set Includes: Set of 5 Family Pack Bamboo fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks, colorful Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, and Black RPET utensil holder with caribiner.

Washing Instructions: Hand wash bamboo utensils with soap and water, but they will sustain the dishwasher. RPET utensil holders can be hand washed with a wet sponge.

Culture Note: The bamboo utensils are sourced and made in China by a small cottage industry factory. The forest the bamboo is sourced from has been personally visited by a third party certifier and their audits assure that the sourcing and harvesting is sustainable and that they employ fair labor practices. All partners are regularly monitored for human rights and environmental abuses by an independent third party monitor.

Eco Note: RPET requires less energy during manufacturing than virgin PET materials. The ingredients in the food-safe sealant used on the utensils include Potassium Permanganate (a water-soluable salt, often used as a disinfectant); Acetic Acid (an organic, relatively weak acid that gives vinegar its sour taste and pungent smell, found universally in food stuffs, water and soil); Heptane (most frequently used an an oil repellant, distilled from the resin of the Jeffery Pine and the fruit of the Petroleum Nut Tree, a tree found in the Philippines); and Ethanol (sugar-based and most commonly used form of alcohol, used as a solvent of substances intended for human contact or consumption, including scents, flavorings, colorings and medicines). Recent lab tests have shown that NO heavy metals were detected in the sealant, including lead, arsenic, mercury or chromium.